Saturday, 21 August 2010

sign up here!

i decided that it was about time that people could sign up here as i will have more entries to choose from. :)

stardoll name:

real name:


why should we choose you:

previous modelling experiences on stardoll:

what can you bring to the competition:

will you be able to complete EVERY task:

finally; add a link to an image of your medoll looking good ;) (tinypic recommended)


  1. Hi!
    Stardoll name: groovyme4ever
    real name: Paola
    age: 13
    why: because I would love to participate in a stardoll pageant, i think that it would be fun
    experience: none sorry, I'm hoping this will be my first
    I will be able to compete every task!
    visit me at my suite to check out my medoll :)

  2. heya!
    Stardoll name:nympha15
    Why:because i think i can handle stuff like this AND i guess it will be awesomely fun (although i know there is a lot of responsiblity)
    Experience: don't really have any, but i'll try to do all the stuff u tell me to...and...yea!